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About Us

We help businesses to innovate and remain highly relevant to their customers by developing their custom marketing strategy

The Challenge

There are too many social media agencies that market to sell but not to understand. We aim to change that.

The Approach

Any marketing strategy can be deployed, regardless of budget and constraints. It only takes someone who truly wants to understand your business, drive, KPIs and motivation to help pilot that. We stand out because we have a highly analytical approach to social media. We start with strategy, we rely on data to craft a stunning grid, full of rich and vibrant videos, elevated graphic design and touching copy.

Hard work

A business is an extension of a person’s values, wishes and ideas. And this is why people like and want to connect with your brand and buy from you. Through putting a face behind the brand, we are working with much more than just sales tactics, ads and budgets. We are connecting with the people behind the scenes, and most importantly – we are letting the community do that too.

Community management and going organic, spreading value through the content, reaching out to the consumer, so that they can be gently pushed into the circular network that is spread between the socials, website and on-site promotions is what we do.

Sometimes less is more, and this is the basic principle we operate on. We exclusively focus on white-hat, organic, sustainable marketing.

Ads are a great compliment, but for them to work, the framework of good SEO on the website, great backlinks and link authority, as well as stable, sustainable content and great visuals needs to be laid out first.


Being honest with both your products and marketing shows. By creating something worthwhile, you allow for the strategy around it to be developed effortlessly. We like being honest with our business too, and we love to watch you succeed. We do what we do because we think ahead. A Sound marketing strategy won’t serve you just now, but also 5 years in the future. We build the foundations for you to succeed and keep prospering, even if you are going solo.


The ultimate goal is for you to not need us 5 years in the future. You may think that this is an awful marketing tactic, but let us explain why this is important to us. If we manage to make you happy through our work on your organic content, you will leave us a good testimonial. Good testimonials are much more important and valuable to us because you will inspire another customer to come and book with us. Basically – We care about what we leave behind, because this directly affects us. Making you happy is our marketing strategy.

Our Services

Basic Management & Content

3 custom posts a week
Minimal picture-editing/Graphic Design
360 EUR monthly

Standard Management & Content

3 custom posts a week
Custom Graphic Design
10 Minutes of community management
500 EUR monthly

Premium Management & Content

5 custom posts a week
Custom graphic element and design work
Community Management
Custom Graphic Design
10 Minutes of community management
900 EUR monthly


Very professional work. She gave us advice and support and did a very good job even though she didn't have to. Very good cooperation, we have just asked for her service again, professional and confident, highly recommended.
Alexandra has been wonderful to work with. She took the information we gave her, and produced engaging assets for our social media. She is an excellent communicator and can work with minimal input. We trusted her to work with what we gave her, and let her run with it. I highly recommend her and their work.
Alexandra understood what we needed right away and came to the right conclusions where to do marketing best. She is punctual and her results look professional and good. We'd love to work with her again.


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We help businesses to innovate and remain highly relevant to their customers only by developing digital creative products.


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